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Inaugural Airdrop: A 72-Hour Success
FAN Tokens will be available for distribution upon Early Access launch for all qualifying entries.

Hollywood Redefined For Fans

As a fan, empowers you to greenlight the entertainment you want to see, govern the DAO, and have an active voice in the new filmmaking industry. Our collaborative content hub provides a structure that helps ensure you can connect with creators in a fair and inclusive ecosystem.

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Hollywood Redefined For Creators

As a creator, get liberated with access to an inclusive, success-oriented environment where your work is supported by passionate fans and validated through meaningful data. Step into a redefined, decentralized Hollywood that will champion and fund creators for the next 100 years and beyond.

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Hollywood Redefined For Film Investors

As a film investor, build out a robust profile of attributes that will be used to match you with projects that fit perfectly the meaningful criteria you’re looking for, and then seamlessly connect with each handpicked creator using our real-time messaging infrastructure.

Join the Waitlist DAO

The Decentralized Autonomous Organization leverages its members’ voting power to determine which projects are able to progress through the platform, unlocking their Go Score™ as well as production, funding, distribution and other filmmaking resources.

The Token

Staked FAN* allows a project to move through the ranks: first building an audience, leading to validation measured by the progress through our innovative Go Score, unlocking funding opportunities and a progressive set of features and resources that help champion the creator and the fan who supports them to success.

*FAN Tokens are not a financial instrument and have no monetary value.